Tuesday, September 29, 2009

GalleryCentric is totally live now!!

Announcing GalleryCentric.

For the first time in the worlds history, gallery art exhibitions can actually take place online.

GalleryCentric will change the way art is viewed online, forever.

This is no ordinary online gallery, GalleryCentric provides artists, art dealers and gallery owners with a new and more dynamic medium to showcase their art.
It is a place to choose your gallery space, and create your own self-directed, interactive 3d exhibitions. They are then published and integrated within your own website as well as being viewable from your own page on the GalleryCentric website. No massive lists to search through as each artist and gallery has their own individual link/address.

Using our exhibition creator you can hang an exhibition within minutes, preview it in true 3d, and only pay when you publish it to the web. 

Click on a work from anywhere in a gallery and you are flown to it, looking at artwork this way is so much more engaging than current magazine style webpages.

It is fast to download and you can view the work all in one space, much the same as in a real art gallery, but here you can fly, change    the wall colour and be at home in your pyjamas.      

This is only a small part of what GalleryCentric can do for you and your business.

Please go and look for yourself today http://www.gallerycentric.com and join the future now!


  1. Congratulations on the new site!

    I think 'joining the future' here combined with using 'social media' as a marketing tool is, in every sense of the word, the '3Dway only' to go for all artists.

    I shall be exhibiting here soon!
    Tai Ward-Holmes
    Queenstown Artist

  2. Great Tai, we look forward to exhibiting your work. have you seen our latest exhibition by Luna Olcott?