Friday, October 23, 2009

Spanish social art site Noenga sign up

Noenga is a Valencia based art social networking site. This is fairly new and already has a sizable membership. The director Misha Stoutenbeek spotted me chatting about GalleryCentric in an art discussion forum  on Linkedin. Now Noenga is using GC to showcase their Top Rated artists. This is only the beginning of a great relationship between us. They are in a beta phase until the new year.. then whammo, joint press releases all over Europe and the States.
Noenga is a pretty full site with lots going on. It is truly multi-language, with artists exhibiting from all over the globe.  ........certainly worth checking out.

There's some truly beautiful works in this exhibition and so eclectic, bringing artists from around the world into one space.
This has never been possible before GalleryCentric

John Leech gallery joins Gallerycentric

Yes, John Gow is now using Gallerycentric on his site
The first exhibition is their "Spring Catalogue 2009"

Major artists from New Zealand past to present day are represented in this magnificent exhibition. The way Gallerycentric is integrated is seamless. JLG have used a template web page customised by Gallerycentric's developer Ignitiondevelopment's Ross Hawkins.
He's done a great job, you really can't tell that it is not actually part of their main site. All the buttons works and  .. well go and see for yourself.
Artists include Shane Cotton and Colin McCahon, Francis Hodgkins and Alan Maddox and sinister Tony Fomison.
So if you can't get along to the show in person.. now you can. Go to the exhibitions page and then click on Virtual gallery then on the title "Spring Catalogue Exhibition 2009"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

October News

We are now up and running in California which will at least double the speed of delivery.
Our payments page is now connected. So you can now create and pay and publish your GalleryCentric exhibitions.
We have also added the inspiration box to the information for each artwork.
A new tutorial about how to best optimize your photographs will be available soon, as well as a sample exhibition you can view showing you the results of different pixel sizes and compression.
Optimizing your images  will really help the speed of your uploads and the subsequent download of your exhibition. It will also help with making the navigation smooth.
More features are on the way soon.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Trance Art by Luna Olcott

http://www.gallerycentric.comNow here is ART with a difference. How does she do this?
Luna creates these amazing works whilst in a trance. It is obvious that this exhibition caputures visions from other worlds. These worlds and the characters that reside in them, could be described as energies, luminous forms scratched, brushed, blended into the mind of the paper she uses.
One feels extremely lucky to be able to view art like this. It is so, so different.
I have never seen work quite like this before. The scenes illuminated before one on the walls of this virtual gallery, throb with life, they almost dance or swim in front of you . You've just got to see it for yourselves. Time to experience it now.

Trance Drawings by Luna Olcott on now at