Saturday, November 28, 2009

Is it good to have your art purchased by an Art Museum?

At first look this might seem a fantastic moment. It was one that once upon a time came my way, many years ago now when I was young, new etc.
It didn't happen, and I still actually have that particular painting.. and I'm glad to have it.
WHY? Because I see people see it..
But I digress.. that's my personal story.

I've worked in a big Art Museum and have seen the enormous amount of great work they hold, on racks, in drawers, in basements... in the dark.. never being seen or seeing the light of day!!
What do think about this paradigm, where we the public pay huge amounts of money.. for art .. often good.. that we probably will never see again?

Yours thoughts and personal experiences.. if you have them please..

"Not Piccaso" by Noura Masri

Noura Masri, one of the established artists in the U.A.E. will exhibit her third solo show Dubai. Noura is well known for her artwork, which portrays figures that are seductive and mysterious in a Picasso-esque style in many of her artwork. Noura was inspired to learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting from a young age. Noura continues to refine her unique style through a variety of artistic techniques.   Click here to view "Not Piccaso"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New exhibition at John Leech galleries

You can preview the next exhibition at the John Leech galleries opening on Tuesday 10th November.

HISTORIES REPRISED from art and science
by Peter James Smith
In this exhibition, Smith overlays his painted landscapes with texts and mathematical equations to create a visual language that honours the classical scientific research process of building the future incrementally from the past. 
This process naturally extends to the three dimensional surface and the mix of painting, photography and sculpture in one unified exhibition provides a complete aesthetic experience that draws on history and culture.  
The study of science, like art, has always been regarded as embracing a deeper quest for meaning in the world and the two subjects come together harmoniously in HISTORIES REPRISED from art and science.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New look and expanded directions

Yes .. we have decided with the expansion of our directions, that a slightly less gothic look might be more appropriate. So now we are white!

A few other changes to the wording and pricing plans have been made to reflect our new market focus which is primarily galleries and art museums. This doesn't cut out the artist at all, but we are not and never have been aimed at the "Starving Artist".
Gallerycentric is a new paradigm and one that is finding it's niche and although our biggest market one day, may well be individual artists, it won't be for now. We are a small company and need to put our effort where we will get the most return.
In an exciting turn of events we are discussing the inclusion of Gallerycentric within AUT's curriculum next year in a number of disciplines and holding a presentation and discuss session there on the 11th November.