Monday, May 17, 2010

Gallerycentric VERSION 2 coming soon

You've probably noticed the new pricing plans announced already.
These won't come into force until the new version launches around mid June 2010.
There are significant changes being made to the display pages which will become the point of entry for all Gallerycentric traffic.
This is the viewing page for all exhibitions. It will be wide screen and feature your exhibition for any clients following your exhibition link.
All other exhibitions will be accessible from a nice new sliding directory. When viewing an exhibition this and our logo will be ghosted to remove any visual distractions.
The old entry point will be dedicated to the creation of exhibitions and a few pages will be removed, like Examples. The new "Exhibition Creator" will have some additional tools depending on the Plan you pick. These new features will be announced near the launch date.

Altogether a very exciting time for us at Gallerycentric.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Visual Arts Museums of the Future: Crowdsourcing Storms the Ivory Tower

Imagine the digital future of museums. A future where we can view art and objects in an immersive 3D environment, view and create exhibitions online and share visual playlists, like we share Spotify playlists today. The 3D “Avatar” of today could be the 3D MoMA of tomorrow.
In 2007, the Jeu de Paume, a contemporary art space in Paris presented, “L’Événement: les images comme acteurs de l’histoire” (The Event – images as actors of history). Using five major events, chronologically: the Crimean war, the invention of the aircraft, the advent of paid holidays, the fall of the Berlin wall and the attacks of September 11, the show questioned how images construct our perception of events and how history takes shape in the collective consciousness.
Exhibition view from "L'Événement" at the Jeu de Paume. Photo by ViteVu
Exhibition view from "L'Événement" at the Jeu de Paume. Photo by ViteVu
The section on 9/11 contrasted the “official” representation of the events with a more personal narrative in an installation of front pages of the world press the day after - all showing the same image - and a reconstruction of “Here is New York, a Democracy of Photographs”, a collection of photographs taken by civilians at the time of the attack and exhibited in 2002. The disconnect between the front page news and the personal photos was startling, the former illustrating the global impact of the attacks, the latter showing the immediate effects of the disaster, personal reactions and bereavements.
Three years on and new advances in technology are still changing the way events are reported and perceived, and challenging curators and museum directors to think about history in a more interactive way. The Jeu de Paume showcased collective visual manifestations of historical events with “L’Événement” in 2007. But how are collective visions going to be cemented in the twenty-tens, now everyone has a camera on their phone, a mobile internet device in their pocket and the freedom to upload and comment on everything all over the world wide web all the time? Far from making curators and editors of information redundant, the ever growing tide of user-generated content makes the curatorial role even more important.  more.....

Selling Your Work in New York Galleries/An Insider’s Story

I just read this very interesting article about how to go about building your career as an artist.
Worth a read

Guest blogger Rhonda Schaller is an artist, gallerist, and the Assistant Director of Career Development at New York’s School of Visual Arts. She has an amazing wealth of knowledge, and offers in-depth steps to sell your artwork through galleries or as a self-produced artist. Bookmark it, print it out, study and learn how to advance your art career!

Monday, December 7, 2009

New Group Show concept at Gallerycentric

Gallerycentric is a New Zealand developed 3d online suite of galleries for hire on a monthly basis.  Exhibitions are created and managed by the user in a fast and intuative way.
Now curators, artists agents and gallery owners can hire out individual walls to artists and create group shows.
The manager of a group adds their fee for setting up and managing the show to the gallery hire costs and then splits the overall cost between the walls. The artists are then charged for the walls they use.
This makes it very affordable for the artists and they also benefit from being associated with the others in the group by bringing a larger viewing audience.
This is great for the curator or gallery wishing to expand and extend beyond their own gallery walls, or the artists agent without a gallery space. Artists can put their own group shows together too. It gives them an unlimited amount of exhibiting room, only paying for it when they need it. It's an elegant and very affordable way to hold exhibitions online. These exhibitions can also be show onsite and anywhere there is internet.
The process is really easy and fast. The manager puts the account in their name, then the email link inside the exhibition comes to them, this means any sales enquiries will come directly to them. Images of the artworks are uploaded my the manager and placed on each artists wall. Information about each work such as price, medium and inspiration is also entered by the manager at this stage. There is also the ability to add frames.
The commission charged is between the manager and the artists.
Once published the exhibition is shown on the managers website and emails can be sent out with links to it.
This is equally as effective for one person shows, and for the artist it is a fantastic way to show a gallery how an their work will look when exhibited.
Find out more @
or email

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Is it good to have your art purchased by an Art Museum?

At first look this might seem a fantastic moment. It was one that once upon a time came my way, many years ago now when I was young, new etc.
It didn't happen, and I still actually have that particular painting.. and I'm glad to have it.
WHY? Because I see people see it..
But I digress.. that's my personal story.

I've worked in a big Art Museum and have seen the enormous amount of great work they hold, on racks, in drawers, in basements... in the dark.. never being seen or seeing the light of day!!
What do think about this paradigm, where we the public pay huge amounts of money.. for art .. often good.. that we probably will never see again?

Yours thoughts and personal experiences.. if you have them please..

"Not Piccaso" by Noura Masri

Noura Masri, one of the established artists in the U.A.E. will exhibit her third solo show Dubai. Noura is well known for her artwork, which portrays figures that are seductive and mysterious in a Picasso-esque style in many of her artwork. Noura was inspired to learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting from a young age. Noura continues to refine her unique style through a variety of artistic techniques.   Click here to view "Not Piccaso"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New exhibition at John Leech galleries

You can preview the next exhibition at the John Leech galleries opening on Tuesday 10th November.

HISTORIES REPRISED from art and science
by Peter James Smith
In this exhibition, Smith overlays his painted landscapes with texts and mathematical equations to create a visual language that honours the classical scientific research process of building the future incrementally from the past. 
This process naturally extends to the three dimensional surface and the mix of painting, photography and sculpture in one unified exhibition provides a complete aesthetic experience that draws on history and culture.  
The study of science, like art, has always been regarded as embracing a deeper quest for meaning in the world and the two subjects come together harmoniously in HISTORIES REPRISED from art and science.