Monday, May 17, 2010

Gallerycentric VERSION 2 coming soon

You've probably noticed the new pricing plans announced already.
These won't come into force until the new version launches around mid June 2010.
There are significant changes being made to the display pages which will become the point of entry for all Gallerycentric traffic.
This is the viewing page for all exhibitions. It will be wide screen and feature your exhibition for any clients following your exhibition link.
All other exhibitions will be accessible from a nice new sliding directory. When viewing an exhibition this and our logo will be ghosted to remove any visual distractions.
The old entry point will be dedicated to the creation of exhibitions and a few pages will be removed, like Examples. The new "Exhibition Creator" will have some additional tools depending on the Plan you pick. These new features will be announced near the launch date.

Altogether a very exciting time for us at Gallerycentric.

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