Monday, December 7, 2009

New Group Show concept at Gallerycentric

Gallerycentric is a New Zealand developed 3d online suite of galleries for hire on a monthly basis.  Exhibitions are created and managed by the user in a fast and intuative way.
Now curators, artists agents and gallery owners can hire out individual walls to artists and create group shows.
The manager of a group adds their fee for setting up and managing the show to the gallery hire costs and then splits the overall cost between the walls. The artists are then charged for the walls they use.
This makes it very affordable for the artists and they also benefit from being associated with the others in the group by bringing a larger viewing audience.
This is great for the curator or gallery wishing to expand and extend beyond their own gallery walls, or the artists agent without a gallery space. Artists can put their own group shows together too. It gives them an unlimited amount of exhibiting room, only paying for it when they need it. It's an elegant and very affordable way to hold exhibitions online. These exhibitions can also be show onsite and anywhere there is internet.
The process is really easy and fast. The manager puts the account in their name, then the email link inside the exhibition comes to them, this means any sales enquiries will come directly to them. Images of the artworks are uploaded my the manager and placed on each artists wall. Information about each work such as price, medium and inspiration is also entered by the manager at this stage. There is also the ability to add frames.
The commission charged is between the manager and the artists.
Once published the exhibition is shown on the managers website and emails can be sent out with links to it.
This is equally as effective for one person shows, and for the artist it is a fantastic way to show a gallery how an their work will look when exhibited.
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