Tuesday, September 29, 2009

GalleryCentric is totally live now!!

Announcing GalleryCentric.

For the first time in the worlds history, gallery art exhibitions can actually take place online.

GalleryCentric will change the way art is viewed online, forever.

This is no ordinary online gallery, GalleryCentric provides artists, art dealers and gallery owners with a new and more dynamic medium to showcase their art.
It is a place to choose your gallery space, and create your own self-directed, interactive 3d exhibitions. They are then published and integrated within your own website as well as being viewable from your own page on the GalleryCentric website. No massive lists to search through as each artist and gallery has their own individual link/address.

Using our exhibition creator you can hang an exhibition within minutes, preview it in true 3d, and only pay when you publish it to the web. 

Click on a work from anywhere in a gallery and you are flown to it, looking at artwork this way is so much more engaging than current magazine style webpages.

It is fast to download and you can view the work all in one space, much the same as in a real art gallery, but here you can fly, change    the wall colour and be at home in your pyjamas.      

This is only a small part of what GalleryCentric can do for you and your business.

Please go and look for yourself today http://www.gallerycentric.com and join the future now!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Average Time spent

WOW !! the average time spent on our site over the last week is an amazing 6 minutes and 1 second. Some visits were 12 minutes and more. Incredible.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


GalleryCentric is off with a bang. An amazing number of exhibitions have been created within the last two days.

ARTX 2009
Selwyn College in Auckland new Zealand is the first school to mount an exhibition. This was a one month artist in residence collaboration between a select number of art students and artists Dr Victoria Edwards and Ina Johann.
This is an amazing show!!

"STRESSERS" is an exciting exhibition by young artist Lane Worrall. A fierce show of black and white imagery screams at you from the gallery walls. This is Lane's latest photo shoot using Ella Pits a fellow artist for his NCEA exam.

"SUPERNATURAL" Inspired by the deep rain forests of New Zealand, artist Amanda Lane a GalleryCentric founder has been caught in the world where fauna and flora have merged to become one.

"SOCK DRAWER" Whilst emptying out her art drawer, ex disney artist Ellen Wilks as thrown it all over the walls of a GalleryCentric space, and the results of terrific!! Go look

"NITE SEA" Peter is normally known for his surrealist images in oils. Here is a departure that takes us into the time between day and night. Inspired by the amazing beauty of Waiheke Island off the coast of Auckland NZ, his home for 7years, he has over time to captured some of the astonishing scenes we see here in this exhibition.

"PORTRAITS" Olivier Duhamel has been holding a life drawing group since 2004. For this “Portraits” exhibition he has been cropping and enlarging some of his pencil drawings to create a series of very spectacular artworks printed on high quality paper.

...and there's more on the way.. watch this space or go directly www.GalleryCentric.com

Thursday, September 10, 2009


A successful soft launch at Dorothy's Sisters last night. Amanda Lane our boss gave a wonderful speech to thank our tireless crew, Dr. Roy Davies, Ross Hawkins, John McBride, Ellen Wilks and our cast of visionary supporters and advisers.
She said that a number of people over the past 4 years had said " Why don't you get a real job" and that obviously, none of those would be here tonight.
I gave a small speech about why GC was created and about it's future possibilities which was followed by an amazing performance by local drag queens "Vera and Doreen" singing amongst other songs, "I will survive". So appropriate. We partied as late as launching a new website the next morning would allow.
Morning found us rather tired and having to suffer life without the internet or phone lines for the second time in a week.. courtesy of Vodafone
. However it was up by 6pm and work ensued on the last few grumbling bugs as we trod on them and tore off their nasty little legs.
'orrible fings that they are.
New server names and transferring of the sites to them where created during the day by Ross Hawkins our developer from Ignition Development.

Test exhibitions are being created to use as examples for the beta testers that will come on board from around the globe over the coming week.
Selwyn college started to create an exhibition and test out which would be the best choice for integration of content into their site, Selnet. (more on that as it progresses)
An inquiry from Compendium Gallery in Lorne St will be followed up next.
So we are off to a ROARING!! start, with lots of exhibitions about to be hung and accessible from our site very soon.

Author: Peter Worrall is a visual artist and 3d animator who has recently started Gallerycentric.
Anybody is welcome to re-publish this article as long as this link is published with it. www.gallerycentric.com