Wednesday, September 16, 2009


GalleryCentric is off with a bang. An amazing number of exhibitions have been created within the last two days.

ARTX 2009
Selwyn College in Auckland new Zealand is the first school to mount an exhibition. This was a one month artist in residence collaboration between a select number of art students and artists Dr Victoria Edwards and Ina Johann.
This is an amazing show!!

"STRESSERS" is an exciting exhibition by young artist Lane Worrall. A fierce show of black and white imagery screams at you from the gallery walls. This is Lane's latest photo shoot using Ella Pits a fellow artist for his NCEA exam.

"SUPERNATURAL" Inspired by the deep rain forests of New Zealand, artist Amanda Lane a GalleryCentric founder has been caught in the world where fauna and flora have merged to become one.

"SOCK DRAWER" Whilst emptying out her art drawer, ex disney artist Ellen Wilks as thrown it all over the walls of a GalleryCentric space, and the results of terrific!! Go look

"NITE SEA" Peter is normally known for his surrealist images in oils. Here is a departure that takes us into the time between day and night. Inspired by the amazing beauty of Waiheke Island off the coast of Auckland NZ, his home for 7years, he has over time to captured some of the astonishing scenes we see here in this exhibition.

"PORTRAITS" Olivier Duhamel has been holding a life drawing group since 2004. For this “Portraits” exhibition he has been cropping and enlarging some of his pencil drawings to create a series of very spectacular artworks printed on high quality paper.

...and there's more on the way.. watch this space or go directly

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