Saturday, November 28, 2009

Is it good to have your art purchased by an Art Museum?

At first look this might seem a fantastic moment. It was one that once upon a time came my way, many years ago now when I was young, new etc.
It didn't happen, and I still actually have that particular painting.. and I'm glad to have it.
WHY? Because I see people see it..
But I digress.. that's my personal story.

I've worked in a big Art Museum and have seen the enormous amount of great work they hold, on racks, in drawers, in basements... in the dark.. never being seen or seeing the light of day!!
What do think about this paradigm, where we the public pay huge amounts of money.. for art .. often good.. that we probably will never see again?

Yours thoughts and personal experiences.. if you have them please..

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