Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New look and expanded directions

Yes .. we have decided with the expansion of our directions, that a slightly less gothic look might be more appropriate. So now we are white!

A few other changes to the wording and pricing plans have been made to reflect our new market focus which is primarily galleries and art museums. This doesn't cut out the artist at all, but we are not and never have been aimed at the "Starving Artist".
Gallerycentric is a new paradigm and one that is finding it's niche and although our biggest market one day, may well be individual artists, it won't be for now. We are a small company and need to put our effort where we will get the most return.
In an exciting turn of events we are discussing the inclusion of Gallerycentric within AUT's curriculum next year in a number of disciplines and holding a presentation and discuss session there on the 11th November.

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