Sunday, October 4, 2009

Trance Art by Luna Olcott

http://www.gallerycentric.comNow here is ART with a difference. How does she do this?
Luna creates these amazing works whilst in a trance. It is obvious that this exhibition caputures visions from other worlds. These worlds and the characters that reside in them, could be described as energies, luminous forms scratched, brushed, blended into the mind of the paper she uses.
One feels extremely lucky to be able to view art like this. It is so, so different.
I have never seen work quite like this before. The scenes illuminated before one on the walls of this virtual gallery, throb with life, they almost dance or swim in front of you . You've just got to see it for yourselves. Time to experience it now.

Trance Drawings by Luna Olcott on now at


  1. I adore Luna Olcott. not only is she a fabulous visual artist, she's also quite the actress! her poetry is equally ethereal as her visual works, and I'm quite proud to call her my friend. You should check out SANTERIA! this little short is delightfully surreal, and features her wordsmithing.