Tuesday, August 25, 2009

GalleryCentric is about to GO LIVE

GalleryCentric breaks the online gallery mold. It is a place where artists and art dealers can choose from a selection of 3D galleries, create exhibitions and show them on the world wide web, from their own websites. After years of hard work, GalleryCentric is about to be born.

On September 7th the website www.GalleryCentric.com will go live. Designed by artists for artists, here the global art community can view art in an elegant 3D gallery. Using your mouse or keyboard, you can view art from any angle, up close or collectively from a distance, as though you were standing in an actual gallery in Soho. Actually­–anywhere in the world.

GalleryCentric blurs the line between reality and the internet like no other virtual gallery. Artists, artist’s agents, art dealers and gallery owners can use GalleryCentric as a 3D virtual host for showing their works.

Our Exhibition Creator allows you to upload your artwork via simple instructions to create an online exhibit that launches from your website. We have a selection of galleries, so you can choose whether you want to curate an intimate or a group-sized space. Each gallery has an elegant interior with adjustable framing and positioning. The size of the artwork is shown to scale. Each exhibition has a title, artist or group name and a 150-word description. When you’re happy with the curation press the "Preview" button and see your exhibition in the 3D gallery.

Previewing enables you to make decisions about what edits you want to make in your exhibit. Simply click back to the Exhibition Creator and make the changes before you publish it. Once published you’re allowed to make edits for 30 days.

Ready to show your exhibition to the world? Here are the options available:


  1. can create a link to a GalleryCentric display page
  2. can embed your exhibitions within your current website
  3. dont have a website? We can create a personalized webpage for you, specifically designed to showcase your GalleryCentric exhibitions

Every exhibition has your specified contact link accessible from within it, so clients can easily make contact about buying your artwork. We can also provide e-commerce solutions if required.

GalleryCentric has email templates to send to your client list.

Please go to: http://www.gallerycentric.co.nz/ or http://www.gallerycentric.com/ to get your exhibition started or to find out more about GalleryCentric.

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